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7 février 2009 6 07 /02 /février /2009 21:06

What is wu shu ?

Wushu is originated from China. It has a long history, a rich content and a wide variety of forms. Over a long period of time, it was developed and shaped through a constant struggle of man against nature as well as against his enemies on ancient battlefields.

Today Wushu has an athletic value and helps to build the body. It still has , however, a strong relationship with traditional oriental culture. Wushu is popular among people with different cultural backgrounds and it can help to strengthen the morality and character of youngsters.

Wushu Taolu exercises consists of technical movements from various styles. These movements are based on principles of attack and defense, as well as on philosophical concepts. Moreover, they bring pleasure to people as they enable them to grow physically as well as mentally. In recent years, the sport of Wushu has greatly been combined with aspects of western sports competition, which has turned into a modern international sport.


The Content of Wushu

The sport of Wushu includes two major disciplines: namely Taolu and Sanshou. Wushu Taolu can be divided into barehanded exercises, apparatus practice, prearranged fights and group exercises.

Barehanded exercises include styles such as Chanquan (long-range boxing), Nanquan (southern style boxing), Taijiquan (Taiji Boxing), Xinyiquan(Form and will boxing), Baguazhang (Eight diagram boxing), Tongbeiquan(Through the back boxing), Ditanquan(Ground boxing) and so on.

Among other things, apparatus practice makes use of broadsword, straight sword,staff, spear, double broadsword, double straight sword, nine section whip, and three section staff.

Prearranged fights involve two or three persons and are divided into barehanded and weapon fights. Group exercises consist of movements and combinations done by several persons. Three different Taolu exercises are all characterized by the use of various attacking and defensive movements, which are performed with grace ,rhythm and sprit



Chinese Kung Fu

In ancient and modern China Kung-Fu (or as popularly named Wushu in modern day China) has always consisted of several key elements in its techniques –kicking, punching,
throwing and grapping (joint locking). It is not only for the purpose of self-defense, or offense in a dire situation, but fundamentally, it also enhances the healthiness of human being’s mind and body.

Joint-Locking (Chin-Na, Qin-Na)

Joint locking is one of the major techniques in Kung Fu bare hand fighting.it is a specificity  of the long quan.The underlying principle of joint locking is based on the realization that most human joints can only move in certain directions. By contradicting against these movements, sometimes, in conjunction with the pinching on the adjacent nerve points, one can control the whole body of his/her opponent. Joint-locking can apply to one single point or multi-points simultaneously.

Anti-Joint-Locking is the other side of coin in Joint-Locking skill training with the purpose of releasing yourself from the joint-locking that is applied on you.


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