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21 avril 2009 2 21 /04 /avril /2009 15:13
Many grand master told us that the man who perfectly acquired this
Gong Fu has only to raise a hand and the enemy
immediately feels fatal danger. But on the other hand,
he is able to reanimate a dying man
If you can only kill and can not save (reanimate), it is
called “deadly hand”; and this is  It is unacceptable. It is
necessary first to learn to save people before acquiring
the martial art. It is the art of DIAN XUE that is the
most suitable method for that. But injuring people,
blocking channels and blood vessels can be done with
the same method.
know the art of DIAN XUE and YU GU methods of joint
dislocation. At that the art of DIAN XUE has priority
over the YU GU methods of joint dislocation.
The DIAN XUE technique has been developing since
ancient time but nowadays not many people knew it. At present most specialists in this sphere of
WU SHU belong to the category of “deadly hand”. They
perfectly acquired methods of defense and attack but
ignore a method of saving men. Even those who
advertise their abilities in curing body damages know
little about the structure of a man’s skeleton and have
only a small set of ready-made medicines. They can
not know all details of the art of DIAN XUE.
I also exercised a martial art and trained myself with a good master, but i didn't  finished my wu shu studies.
 I also read some
books of the WU DAN school and got to know that the
method DIAN XUE is included into the Shaolin Taizu
Quan where 9 “points of death”, 9 “points of faint”, 9
“points of paralysis”, and 9 “points of dumbness” are
acted on. Four by nine is total 36. All that proves that
the art of DIAN XUE does not belong to only one of
any schools or styles. Each school has it own secrets.

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