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30 janvier 2012 1 30 /01 /janvier /2012 09:25

楊式太極二十四 Yang style Tai Chi 24

Yang style 24 was developed in 1956 by the Chinese government to promote the art of Tai Chi to the mass.

1.      起勢 Tai Chi beginning posture

2.      野馬分鬃 Wild horses 3X

3.      白鶴亮翅 White crane spreads its wings

4.      摟膝 Brush knee 3X

5.      手揮琵琶 Hand strums the lute 

6.      倒攆猴 Monkey 4X

7.      左攬雀尾 Left grasp the bird’s tail

8.      右攬雀尾 Right grasp the bird’s tail

9.      單鞭 Single whip

10. 雲手 Wave hands like cloud 3X

11. 單鞭 Single whip

12. 高探馬 Petting the horse

13. 右蹬腳 Right heel kick

14. 雙峰貫耳 Double fist to the ear

15. 左蹬腳 Left heel kick

16. 右下勢獨立 Right low posture and on one foot

17. 左下勢獨立 Left low posture and on one foot

18. 左右玉女穿梭 Left and right fair lady

19. 海底針 Needle

20. 扇通背 Fan through the back

21. 轉身搬攔捶 Turn with block, parry, and punch

22. 如封似閉 Like closing

23. 十字手 Cross hands

24. 收勢 End posture100 4991100 4992

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