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27 septembre 2010 1 27 /09 /septembre /2010 09:40


I’m a martial art expert and I’m graduted in marketing and in language, I still follow my studies and want to go as far as possible. Many people ask me how is it possible to manage studying and a mastering in various martial art?

I succeed it, and I’m happy in it. This is my life. I just made the two become one. Now as Chinese say, “I have found my personal kung fu.” But how to manage aikido, aikijusu, traditional styles of kung-fu and tai chi. Of course, there are all art of war, but i never make any confusion. Aikido is Aikido and kung fu is kung fu. But it is really important to understand the philosophy of the discipline and the main purpose of the founder. If you keep that in mind, it will be really easy to improve your skills because you will know that all is just one thing. For me, i just studied martial art which are really close so that it will not be a problem to go into. For exemple, aikido is really similar to aikijutsu except that in aikijutsu, there is to much militar application and the main purpose was to kill the opponent. In aikido, the purpose is to control the opponent by preserving his life. tai chi is also a  wushu or part of  kung fu as they said nowadays. In each martial art, i'm looking for something specific.   

 Wushu has many levels, and it is not so easy to understand. My first martial art master compared wushu kung fu and aikido saying: “Kung fu is difficult to learn but easy to master; But aikido is really easy to learn but very difficult to master.”

Now I understand what he meant.  When you reach a certain level in wushu, things go easy, but in the beginning, it is so hard to learn stance, correct  breathing, eyes movements…In aikido because it is the same teachnique , it is easy to go into, but after a black belt level, things start to become complicated because you should understand what is exactly ki, how tu use it, and to apply a proper and pure force, how to find the point without any resistance… and it is not easy to understand.  

Normally, all martials arts and specially wu shu has three  level:

·       The physical contact: Use your physical skill against your enemy.

·        The mental level is use your knowledge, languages, strategy. Everything you could before physical contact to stop your enemy.

 The Emotional level: honor, belief, your love, show it to your enemy. It is the art of turning enemy into friend. 

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