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28 novembre 2013 4 28 /11 /novembre /2013 11:31

« Today is thanksgiving,

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I’m grateful to be here,

I’m grateful to have another day to live,

To make a contribution in the universe;

I’m grateful to be the one i’m now.

I’m grateful for the challenges I had and those I still have,

I’m grateful for how martial arts have impacted my life;

I’m grateful for the masters and mentors who guided my paths;

I’m grateful for the gifts I have and sign it represented in my journey;

I’m grateful for my weakness and the battle I lost,

I’m grateful for all the people who show me what love was capable of, and how much love I could give by being here,

I’m grateful for the lips I have kissed, the hugs i gave, the hands I hold, the bodies I have danced with,  the pleasure I gave the one  i  received, the love i felt and the feeling I sent;

I’m grateful to have found my path in the middle of the struggles of life;

I’m grateful for the family I have,

I’m grateful to have found in my job an opportunity to contribute in people’s life;

I’m grateful to be DIFFERENT and to be able to make a difference in the world;

I’m grateful to live in 2013,

To live in the same time that  such an inspirational people as Nelson Mandela, Jean Baptiste Obama, Meinrad Hebga, Steve Jobs, Paulo Coelho, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Barack Obama, my grandfather…

To live in the time where we have the opportunity to see a message of hope through a black president in the state(no matter how medias or his act  try to destroy it…) a country who have oppressed minorities  for centuries;

I’m grateful to have the parents I had who weren’t necessary the parent’s I deserved, but who were the one I highly needed to be the one I am now: I LOVE YOU;

I’m grateful for all the people around the world who read my post every day, send me message of encouragement, gratitude and love via mail, skype, texto or mobile…


Thank you for the opportunity to SERVE you and to contribute in your life.

Ariel Betti .

A LIVING proof of love and service.



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