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29 mars 2012 4 29 /03 /mars /2012 08:49

Now tai chi class available to sidibousaid park:

1. How long does it take to master tai chi chuan?

A:  Actually the only one who can answer to that. In tai chi, as it is practice in traditional way, there is no belt system. Tai chi mastering is based on repetition. It is not about how long you practice only, but also how deep you can get into the movement. The more you practice, the deeper you get. It is said that the one who practices the movement twice is the master of the one who has practiced once; and the one who has practiced one is the master of the one who has never practice. We are each other master in tai chi.37284 136955716323411 100000269498603 300626 2417054 nfly-copie-1.jpgmeditation

2. Who is in charge of the class?

A: The instructor is Master Ariel Betti, adviser of Tunisian Wushu kung fu federation,  in charge of the promotion of tai chi chuan and qi-gong in Tunisia and traditional style. He is both specialized in internal martial arts and in traditional kung fu styles. He teachs in  various place and leads many workshop, seminars and conferences.100 6321 - CopieP3250055268333 2148154900557 1146855203 2496326 6567943 n

3. What are the class costs for tai chi and qi-gong? and what time?

A: 50DT per month.

Twice  a week: saturday and sunday: 8H30-9h30 am.


4. How do I go about becoming a student of Tai chi and qi-gong?

A: The class is open to anyone who want to learn of improve his level in tai chi don’t worry even if you have never practice any martial art before. You just have to send send your name to arielbeti@yahoo.fr or call the 208 52 876 to make the registration and pay the 50DT.74879 1652953360828 1146855203 1753447 8275621 n

5. How much are the tai chi and qi-gong uniforms?

A: A basic tai chi uniform is  approximatively 50dt  (depending on discounts available, etc.) the color available are white and yellow.100 6380100 6389

6. Is there anything else I need for tai chi and qi-gong class?

A: Just a good mood and a lot of positive energy. For those who would like to buy some fan, it will be available at 35DT.


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Evy 29/03/2012 22:57

Kikou comme toujours c'est un palisir de passé dans ton univers beau partage douce nuit bisous evy


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