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20 octobre 2010 3 20 /10 /octobre /2010 16:39

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Tai chi is an art that is easily misinterpreted. Yes, tai chi is something that provides great health benefits as do other forms of martial arts; Even more because it is focus on the internal part. On the other hand, tai chi means "grand ultimate energy".

Tai chi used to be one of the most deadly martial arts practiced at one time.  They would work on form and proper movement and energy flow for years. Don’t understand energy flow? Through proper breathing, the internal organs are provided with the proper amount of oxygen providing an “internal elixir.”

Through this tai chi, chi kung, or qi gong provides an internal health;

 By breathing proper you get the oxygen to all the vital points of the body. Try these breathing exercises while going on a morning stroll or walk around the park in minimum time bursts of 15 minutes and see the difference you will feel in little over a week. You must do this every day though for at least 15 minutes to feel small  results.concentration 

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