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19 septembre 2011 1 19 /09 /septembre /2011 15:10

discussion pleine d'int+®ret






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"How do we change the world?
A single act involving love, faith and mutual support "

On Friday, September 9, 2011, the Tunisian public and the foreign community living in Tunisia were invited to attend a conference about unprecedented in modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and disciplines of  personal development.302623 2260860195473 1067468861 2648901 170608366 n303130 2260834074820 1067468861 2648850 1237787631 n

This dynamic and engaging
Conference was focused on bringing together the 
expertise and experiences of Tai Chi and Qigong 
researchers, practitioners of various discipline (such as energy healing,  
meditation, moving meditation, and yoga, pilate…) educators, and 
policy makers from around the world. During the 
conference it was clearly explained  how Tai Chi / Qigong, 
as well as related mind-body practices, can be 
used to address the global health crisis 
associated with chronic disease and aging. 316945 2260826514631 1067468861 2648812 393293333 n

During the conference, we had people focusing   on clinical or translational aspects related to the utilization of Tai Chi / Qigong
in clinical research environment; some others from community 
health settings (hospitals, extended care 
facilities, retirement communities, agencies); and workers from educational settings (elementary schools, 
middle schools, high schools, and colleges), who came to explain their experience about how their discipline can help to improve human beings problem. 




We  must admit that for quite some time in Tunisia, we are witnessing the emergence of new disciplines of well-being and personal development disciplines who can be considered as a  new communication space created by globalization and also the response to real need within this population. 
We can only understand how important is this kind of event if we remember  the socio-political context that surrounds the country and the entire sub-region? The different speakers admit that in their daily practice, they meet a lot of people with  Stress problems, personal and psychological distress. We must be aware about “the butterfly effect” said Master ARIEL BETTI. DSC09271 


This historical meeting was marked by the participation of eminent personalities such as  Dr. Xu of China, Master Bedis Zouiten who is one of the pioneers of the movement tai chi in Tunisia, the eminent Doctor Cherif Mazen expert in various martial arts, poet, and energy healer; Master Abdelaziz Mokhtari(aikido expert) who spoke about his work with children in need through the practice of aikido, Master Ariel Ondoua betti of the Republic of Cameroon who needs who is actually well known by his different actions in favor of the Chinese internal arts, Mr. David Santiago of the United States of America, who came to share with us about a new experience in Africa through the concept of tai chi,basketball he has led for  already two years with surprising results, Mrs. Victoria Asamani professional coach and consultant in human resources who came to talk about the personal life management and how to deal with the professional reality in how daily life; and also  the presence of a famous Sufi poet ... the level of debate and exchanges has been enhanced by the participation of personalities in the audience, which included Dr Ben M'Henni (general practitioner, practitioner of Chinese tradition medicine, osteopath ...); some  Embasies people, workers  of the African Development Bank (ADB), martial arts expert, teachers of the American school in Tunis, yoga and tai chi practitioners, many managers and professional staff of companies in tunisia, nutritionists, members of the Chinese, Canadian, French, cameroonian community in Tunisia.DSC09275DSC09265

The event ended at 11:30 p.m. with cocktails and group debate. Hopefully this event will be the first of many more. Already, the organizers give us an appointment for March 2012 with a  bigger event. An article about the conference will be available soon in Tunisia Aikidomagazine.





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