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24 juin 2012 7 24 /06 /juin /2012 17:40

100 4991Today, we should give a great legacy to the new generation. We receive a lot from our masters at the time martial art were perceived as something mystic. At that time, minds were not as open as they are today. Not everybody could go in China or to Japan to study or even watch some taolu through free website.

They had rigid restrictions on who could be accepted as students. All the masters from the last generation are very old now. I am the part of the younger generation who has the burden of transmitting what we have received from others and even more.

That’s why I seek to transmit the true meaning of martial art as philosophy, system of value and self-defence and self-improvement quest.moi-ariel.jpg100 5027100 5145430685 265745860161007 100001767866843 698746 812664670 n249289 2014045947917 1146855203 2344144 7564529 ngarde.jpgjesseNBruce.gifJesse-Glover-2.jpgshaolin-monk.jpg155463 1603329095533 3652385 n167088 1626440705100 7707497 n206744 210041719019852 4192970 n318204 10151040385663169 827535428 n527609 446663755373265 861253206 n165720 132698400123915 4623164 n

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