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4 janvier 2012 3 04 /01 /janvier /2012 00:57

034pratique dans les parks 

A lot of people are really surprise to see me practicing tai chi


since i went through several martial arts. But I think that this


is quite understandable since it is a kind of life path for me.


In my life I always seek for the best, and for a kind of


coherence in what I’m doing. In the beginning I use to invest


myself in more physical training throught aikijutsu and


traditional kung fu. 51 Pegasibl cam whole image Then, I start to question myself about


the perennity of my practice. I made the following reflexion:


 “ok Ariel, actually you are pretty young, and in good shape,


you can jump, train your strength, endurance, speed and so


on… but don’t you realize that when you will get older all


that techniques and speed and so on, will be useless!?”Erotisme-signe-Feu



And then, I start to get scared because I didn’t want to lose


my time doing things I won’t be anymore able to do in cup of


decades. In fact, the body has a certain trend, it start small,


increase, until a certain pick of performance and after that


pick(with age) you start to decrease.  From that, I came to


ask myself :” if physical resources are made to decrease with


time, what will are increase and will never decrease if you


invest on it?images-copie-1



And then I find the answer: “THE MIND”. images-anges-ange-14-bigThus, I start to


invest on it! I started to take some meditation classes with


my master, and I learn qigong and tai chi chuan after. It


really fitted with of looking at things and with what I was


looking for. It talked about energy, mind control, purifying


your spirit and the body unification.  With time, I just had the


evidence  that I made the right choice. I know that CHUTEone day I


won’t be able to throw people in the way I do it in aikido, or


in aikijutsu, or to make acrobatics and spectacular moves


like I do in  wushu, to apply the strength I use in MMA or the


speed I get from ninjutsu.waouh fallen-copie-1 I will just be difficult to ask that


much to my body in the same way that soon Jackie Chan


won’t be able to make all the things he used to do.



But I will still get I tai chi chuan.



Tai Chi is the way to go in the long run



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