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23 mai 2012 3 23 /05 /mai /2012 10:06

SAM 0357I have been studying wushu for a while. I am more expert in traditional kung- fu, i also put more emphasize in internal styles. I practice myself Taijiquan and XingYi Quan. Ihave studied baguazhang during one year with one of my master who is a wudang student from Hubei province. I plan to go and visit him at the beginning of next year to put more focus in my baguazhang because i really love it even thought it takes a lot to master it.ying-yang-xpan


I have been really lucky to find a xingyiquan Master who accepted to teach me everyday during one year to transmit his art to me. It was a great time. Now everytime i have the opportunity i take time to revise what i have learn as movement and taolu. I still have a cup of month before going back to China to have my test in front of my Master to see how well i have made progress.

If he considered that i have improve my level, he will teach me some new movements, if not i will have to keep practicing.SAM 0359


I just think it will be great to meet Xu Laoshi again.SAM 0361SAM 0362



I really love both tai chi and xingyiquan, in both of them the principle is the same, neck, spine, all the vertebrae aligned. When i practice it, i really feel connected with myself. I am in the place i have to be.SAM 0360

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sirene 23/05/2012 16:27

Je ne sais pas faire moi mais ça doit faire un bien fou de se concentré ainssi 


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